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"With Datafi, the possibilities are endless. It's more than just a tool, it's a stepping stone to a future
where data-driven decisions form the backbone of successful financial institutions.”

Vaughan Emery, Datafi Founder

Overcoming Adoption Barriers

Financial institutions often need help in adopting and scaling analytics and AI, primarily due to data management issues, regulatory constraints, and the need for necessary skill sets. However, Datafi, a powerful data management platform, empowers these institutions to overcome these obstacles efficiently.

"Datafi provided a solution that is secure and approachable to non-tech users, and programmers will also find it attractive for the low-friction application development platform."

Oak Harbor Freight Lines
Robert Rosales
Vice President of Information Technology
Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Data Integration:

Datafi simplifies the process of data integration. It enables the seamless merging of data from disparate sources, making it easier for institutions to gain comprehensive insights.

Scalable Analytics:

With Datafi, scaling analytics becomes a breeze. It supports the rapid growth of financial institutions, ensuring they can handle increasing volumes of data.

AI Adoption:

Datafi provides solutions that eliminate common barriers to adopting artificial intelligence. Its NLP chat tool, DataChat, user-friendly analytics, and AI tools make it easier for institutions to harness the power of AI for better decision-making.

Data Policies:

Our services offer data compliance measures that safeguard your business data through consistent attribute-based policies and privacy controls.

Case Study

Oak Harbor Freight improves sales operations by introducing a suite of data apps to help better understand what's happening in near-real time with their customers.

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