Introducing Data Chat

Our AI-powered platform makes data insights accessible 24/7 through natural language queries. Our solution eliminates coding complexity, transforming data analysis with new levels of accessibility.

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With Data Chat, we are interpreting the intent behind
words rather than just the words themselves.

How Data Chat Enhances Your Workflow

From Questions to Answers: NLP's Role in Rapid Data Exploration

NLP is the solution to bridging the gap between human language and machine understanding. It enables humans to interact with machines in a conventional manner, allowing for easy transformation of questions into insightful answers. With this seamless interaction, the barrier to entry in data analysis is significantly lowered.

Simplifying Data analysis for every user

Whether you are a seasoned data scientist or on the brink of embarking on your data journey, The innovative Data Chat feature smoothly bridges your first steps into Datafi's realm, marked by its effortless simplicity and impressive efficiency.

Empower your team

With our technology, you can make your team's work easier and more efficient. Professionals from various fields can benefit from this user-friendly NLP technology, Data Chat, which speeds up processes and increases productivity while enhancing context understanding. You can also observe your data by pinning it to the dashboard for easy tracking.

Explore Playground

Datafi's Playground offers an immersive walkthrough of our sample workspace, providing a hands-on experience of our powerful unified data platform. Here, you can explore the core features and functionalities that make Datafi a game-changer in data analysis.

Connect your data from 1000s of business and storage solutions...

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Azure
MS SQL Server
Google Cloud
IBM iSeries

Don't settle for anything less than excellence in your data analysis - choose Datafi’s Data Chat today!

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