Effortlessly Create Customized Data Apps

Datafi offers the ability to create data applications effortlessly without writing a single line of code, making it a transformative tool for knowledge workers, data analysts, and decision-makers. What sets Datafi apart is its unique ability to seamlessly merge two essential elements - customization and security - to completely revolutionize your data management journey.

“Imagine having the capacity to build data applications without writing a single line of code – that’s the power Datafi brings to your business.”

Ameen Vazhayil, CTO, Founder Datafi

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Empowering You to Customize Your Data Apps Effortlessly

No code

Datafi empowers you to build data applications with zero code—a game-changer for all knowledge workers, data analysts, and decision-makers. Not only is this intuitive tool teeming with powerful capabilities, but also tailored to adapt to your needs.

Unified security

By unifying data from various sources, it streamlines data management and enhances security. Our unified security system always protects your data, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Customizable App

A unique trait that undeniably positions Datafi ahead in the data productivity software range is its highly customizable apps feature. This dexterity ensures that users can mold and build the system to their unique needs, thus amplifying productivity and data efficiency.

Optimizing Scalability

Our innovative Web assembly technology ensures your apps scale effortlessly, delivering an exceptional user experience every time.

The Playground

Datafi's Playground offers an immersive walkthrough of our sample workspace, providing a hands-on experience of our data productivity.

Connect your data from 1000s of business and storage solutions...

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Azure
MS SQL Server
Google Cloud
IBM iSeries

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