Datafi Integration Platform

Centralize data management and integrate insights into the tools your team already uses, all while maintaining strict security and anonymity.

Total Control Over Your Data

Datafi puts you in complete control of data access, ensuring security across all your connected sources.

Your Data, Your Privacy

Datafi operates on a zero-trust model. We never access your raw data, storing only models and schema for the ultimate in anonymity and peace of mind.

Effortless Data Management

Customize your data views, manage models, and control permissions with Datafi's intuitive, no-code interface.

Data Where You Need It

An interface for every skill set. Explore and use your data your way through an intuitive interface focused on data results rather than technical skills.


An unlimited number of use cases. The ability to create as many ways to represent your data is limited only by your imagination - everyone can use the data that matters most to them.

Learn more about how Datafi enables data productivity for your business teams.

Connect your data from 1000s of business and storage solutions...

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Azure
MS SQL Server
Google Cloud
IBM iSeries

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