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Simplify the things that make it difficult to safely use business data. Datafi provides data management and business intelligence to enable everyone in your organization to have access to the information they need.

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The above diagram illustrates the core components of the Datafi Platform.
Access to data in simple and secure way. Welcome to the world of datafication
Datafi Data
In the modern age data is one of the most valuable resources. Organizations of all sizes depend on all kinds of digital information. Regardless of where and how it's stored our mission is to enable SaaS platforms, etc and external data available where it lives takes only a few minutes.
Datafi SQL
data is available through a backend server and frontend application. They serve the purpose of security, display, and editing layer while managing the business logic. However maintaining and modifying these application is a major challenge and possible only with specialized developers and/or expensive third party providers. This is especially problematic for legacy applications and acquisitions, where the original programmers are no longer part of the team. With Datafi you can revive the information stored in these databases without complex storage, replication and synchronization patterns. You can connect to your MySQL, Postgres, MsSQL, OracleDB, MariaDB no programming knowledge.
Datafi Files
Spreadsheets is another common way to store and access data. As online spreadsheet editors like Google Drive and Office 365 are gaining traction in enabling collaboration, security and data integrity is often compromised. Spreadsheets also require both technical and domain knowledge, while lacking the depth and linking to additional resources. Querying into large csv files can also be a challenge. Datafi can Data Apps this can be a powerful way to share tabular data with customers, partners, auditors and even publicly with privacy in mind.
Datafi SaaS
Software as a Service platforms enable organizations to modernize their businesses without the complexity and cost of hiring developers and consultants. Getting started is often easy and free including many features, accessability and scalability. The trade of is being locked in into the platform as it becomes critical for all transactions and operations. SaaS are often based on users per month subscriptions that can be costly. Access and customization can be an issue too. Datafi can help your team to connect to SalesForce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Snowflake highly customizable rules and policies.
rapid web application development. The ability for common problems with relational databases. JSON is one of the most popular formats and de-facto standard for web and mobile API's. At the same time deeply nested schemas and properties can also be an issue. Especially in terms of security and policies, making it easy even for office employees without deep understanding of the format to access and share object data.
Datafi Edge Server
your datasource where it lives. It's the best solution for connecting to firewall or VPN protected databases where the data can remain locally without external/online access. The best way to secure your data is to keep it offline and Datafi Edge makes this Datafi Apps within the same firewall or policies and all other configuration are available only locally. It's still possible to access from any location or share data by opening the https Datafi Serverless as alternative solution. object data where it lives.
Datafi Serverless
Datafi Serverless is our cloud-managed high performance scalable cloud solution for Datafi Edge provisioned on AWS Lambda. Connecting with Datafi Serverless requires public (or whitelisted) access to the datasource. Managing your data makes security is top priority for Datafi. Even if it's policies and individually encrypted via unique Datafi Edge could be a great option. Serverless is our solution to enable non-technical users to connect to all available datasources.
Datafi Policies
datasource. Based on customizable settings for Accessability, Confidentiality, Sensitivity and Identity policies can be managed at organizational, access management. Additionally policies include creating rules based on user/team attributes (ex: region, location, title, etc), request parameters (ex: IP, date, time, browser, etc), and data properties (ex: type, length, aggregate, etc). Datafi Policies enable blocking, masking, anonymising and formatting data based on patterns like passwords, SSN, credit card, account numbers, currency, etc.
Datafi DQL
Datafi DQL is a structured query language based on the popular SQL syntax majority of data workers are familiar with. It enables consistent protocol for access to records based on their schema. DQL's main advantage is in standardizing all kinds of datasource protocols into a single and familiar interface. Datafi Apps offer a more simplified but still powerful alternative. For security reasons Datafi DQL is currently limited only to reading data and our plan is to enable editing functionality in the future. Datafi DQL is easy to get started.
Datafi Audit
configurations. It provides a feedback loop ensuring that the current setup meets your expectations. One of the advantages is the ability to troubleshoot possible accessability or format issues. This is achieved by enabling owners to simulate user attributes and request parameters. Datafi's goal is to simplify the complex world of data even in large organizations with dynamic teams.
Datafi Dataview
spreadsheets and database management tools, but it includes special features:
  • Worksheets are a way to organize tabular data, save it and share it internally or externally.
  • SaaS platforms, public domains, etc.
  • Schema Link include the ability to cross reference between datasets and records within or outside the current datasource.
  • Dataview also has a DQL editor where you can see and modify the request. Notice that Datafi Edge which enables the local network architecture and keeps your data protected.
Getting familiar with Dataview will enable you to extract more value from your data.
Datafi Apps
directly to Datafi Edge which enables the protected. Datafi Apps are truly no-code approach of creating self contained multi-platform high performance applications. What makes data where it lives. Not only that, but you can also utilize multiple datasets within the same app and page. App Widgets are variety of components that display your data in configurable format with ability to connect between widgets, pages and even external links. Datafi Apps are easy to get started even for non-technical users and also offer the flexibility to fully customize the app configuration via json.
Datafi Discover is the place where your team can explore all available datasets and request datasources. It's the first step of enabling users to explore and understand how information is structured within and outside the organization. Simplicity for users and security for data owners.
Data Discovery logoData Discovery

Data discovery to help you use your data where it lives through a distributed data architecture so you can do more with data, find insights and serve customers.

Popular Features

  • Decentralized data
  • SQL, SaaS & Spreadsheets
  • Connect any data
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DataViews logoDataViews

Data worksheets to help visualize business data through a simple and familiar interface to discover and use data in the way you want it and when you need it.

Popular Features

  • Unified view of data
  • Data reporting & visualization
  • Work with data across silos
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DataApps logoDataApps

Data Applications to help operationalize business data through a no-code framework that lets everyone create applications for your unique needs and specific workflows.

Popular Features

  • Designed for everyone
  • No-code framework
  • Unlimited mini-apps
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Data Sharing logoData Sharing

Data collaboration to help you share and work with internal and external business data teams faster and more efficiently directly from your workspace.

Popular Features

  • Invite co-workers
  • Secure sharing
  • Isolated workspace
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Data Polices logoData Polices

Data compliance to help you secure business data through a consistent attribute-based policies and data privacy controls.

Popular Features

  • Consistent policies
  • Data privacy controls
  • Data element level
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Data Insights logoData Insights

Data insights to help you better see and understand how your business data is being used in real time by internal and external data teams.

Popular Features

  • Usage statistics
  • Access history
  • Audit reporting
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The Datafi team is changing the “data” game. Over the years, there have been many innovations to help organizations leverage their data. However, the work needed to derive value from data successfully remains significant. Increased regulations, the explosion of data sources, the complexity of tools, and security concerns have kept data out of the hands of most who need access. Datafi addresses these barriers and more.

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Brian Cheney

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How your business data can evolve with Datafi

Centralized controls for data security & privacy

Know for sure how your data is accessed and how your data is used. Data-forward organizations know the value of enabling their data to drive new business outcomes, this starts with enabling data access in a simple and secure way.

Increase your organization's data litteracy

Novel uses of business data can drive new business outcomes and organizations that increase their data litteracy are more likely to discover the data-driven insights that create new outcomes to better serve their customers.

Unified view of your data landscape​

Modern data organizations have data that lives everywhere and increases at a velocity that create new business challenges. The ability to know where data lives and connect across data is essential for digital transformation.

Cloud platform to connect operational and analytics data

The Datafi cloud enables you to connect with all your data wherever it lives, either on-prem, third-party SaaS data or data that lives in the cloud. The Datafi platform supports multi-domain architectures so you can connect with your data anywhere.

Simplify your data pipeline across apps

Power your data analytics, machine learning and modern data applications with the ability to unify data pipelines and workflows. Knowing what data is available and how best to use it is essential for building data pipelines that drive value.

Virtually limitless scale and performance ​

As a cloud platform, there is virtually limitless performance and scale capabilities available to drive the most demanding modern data workload while connecting all your data sources. The potential to unlock new value from your existing data is limitless.

Start doing more with data today

With the tools to enable everyone do more with data from a company excited to help you, getting started is easy.

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