Our Story

Datafi was founded with a simple mission to make business data more accessible and meaningful. Datafi makes it possible for casual data workers to easily find, use and share business data. Better use of business data and open public data increases the data knowledge of everyone and allows organizations to more effectively compete and serve their customers. Data workers expect to be self-sufficient with business data and expect similar experiences as search, social and mobile applications. The future of data will remove existing barriers to business data and accelerate data-driven companies. Datafi provides a cloud-native solution delivered as a service for business teams that help our customers create more value from their data.

Our Values

Our values are a reflection of us and what drives us to serve our customers, shareholders, and employees. We recognize the trust these stakeholders have put in us and we are committed to their success.

Be bold in out pursuit

We pursue our mission with a sense of urgency, passion and excellence. Our successes and failures are opportunities to learn and grow. We are leaders in our vision to change the world.

The best ideas prevail

We challenge our biases and actively seek out and support the best ideas. We are comfortable with being uncomfortable. We challenge the status quo in pursuit of our goals.

Be transparent together

We seek the truth, share our knowledge and hold ourselves accountable. We are open-minded and believe in the value of thoughtful disagreements.

Our journey is our passion

We accept change and know that nothing remains the same. We challenge each other to grow in pursuit of our vision. We accept that we will experience success and failure along the way.

Live life to its fullest

We believe that meaningful relationships and purpose towards a greater good are the keys to a fulfilling life. Everyone has the right to be happy; be your whole self.

One Company

We are united in our cause and accept each other for who we are. We actively develop our diversity of ideas, culture and gender as our core strength and unfair advantage.

Easiest way for everyone
to use business data

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