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$0.00Per Month

Tailored for emerging businesses, kickstart your data-centric journey with essential tools.

Embedded AI
Unlimited apps & dashboards
10GB of data storage
90 days of history
Up to 5 users


$0.005 per Query

For multi-department businesses with expansive data needs, distributed cloud data, and complex security requirements.

STARTER features plus:
AI enhanced search
Virtual warehouse
12 months history
Unlimited users


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For large-scale organizations seeking scalable, reliable, and specialized data applications.

BUSINESS features plus:
AI enabled data insights
Dedicated compute
Encryption everywhere
Unlimited history

Grow your early stage startup

Startups that are less than 5 years old with up to $8M USD in total funding receive their first year free on the Business or Enterprise plans

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Users and Pricing

Cost per User


Cost per Query

$0.00$0.005Contact us

User Limits

Up to 5UnlimitedUnlimited

Data Sources

Native database connections

Native API connections

Premium data sources

Open public data

Rows and columns


Integrated AI

NLP queries

ML notebooks

Predictive analytics

Business Logic

Use English to query data


Create no-code web apps


Create no-SQL dashboards


Personalize home page

Publish for external users


App version control

Custom branding

Custom themes

Custom templates

Prebuilt templates

Usage analytics

Data Management

Universal data catalog

Create virtual records

Apply data formats

Create custom formulas

Data imports


Third-party apps

Works with Jupyter Notegook


Dedicated compute

Federated queries

Geo compute redundancy

Environment variables

High availability compute

Geo storage redundancy

Serverless compute

Datafi-hosted storage


On-prem data gateway

Security and Privacy

Third-party SSO

Attribute based access control

Data encrption everywhere

Audit logs

90 days12 monthsUnlimited

PCI compliance

HIPAA support

Federated authentication

Auto rekey of encryption

AD integration

Customer Support and Sucess

Community support

Business support

Enterprise support

Customer success manager

Deployment assistance

Early access to previews

How our pricing works

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Datafi is the most complete data platform for executives, managers, and employees to find, use, share, and personalize their data needs without technical skills.

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